LG - 40 : Reflex Level Gauge

Product Description

Liquid Level Gauge provides direct observation of liquid level in a tank/vessel rising and falling level of the liquid inside the tank/vessel can be observed through the glass assembled in the gauge. Reflex Liquid Level Gauges use the R-form sight glasses. One side surface of Reflex Glass to use flat glass has several grooves for reflecting prism. The principle of the Reflex Glass is based on the difference in the refractive indices of liquid and gas or in particular of water and steam. Liquid level shows conspicuously dark hard color fro liquid space and light white color for empty space. These Reflex series are not used with a mica shield. The Reflex Gauge is assembled firmly with gasket, reflex glass, cushion gasket and gauge cover on the body by U-bolts.

Reflex Liquid Level Gauges, designed and built for a wide range of high temperature and high-pressure applications. Our reflex level gauge is used to make, besides other applications include observation of the level of corrosion-proof and chromatic liquids. The most advantage of this type is for easy level reading of boiling liquids. When liquids are boiling, their bubbles make the surface level indistinct. The manual adjustment of isolation valve at the input of the media entering the chamber reduces the bubbling. Therefore, the level gauge ease to read the level or bubbling liquids. It also provides advantages for highly dense and viscous liquids, as the body is made of forged construction only.This level gauge is designed and manufactured for easy and accurate reading the liquid level of highly foamy liquids. The gauge has a relatively spacious internal area where foamy liquid is held from forming foams.

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