FS - 10 : Flow Switch

Product Description

Electronet has designed flow switches for the direct control of fluid flow in pipelines and ducts. These switches are magnetically or mechanically actuated. This is simple, reliable and economical solution to control or monitor flow in process lines. Electronet offers of Flow Switches Inline Type Top mounted version. This is direct mounted type flow switch in pipe line. This consists of Switch assembly, Body, Bellows and Paddle/Ven. This is mounted in horizontal position. Paddle / Ven is connected to bellow assembly. When flow reaches beyond set flow the Paddle moves in the direction of flow. The displacement of Paddle causes actuation of the micro switch through bellow assembly. Inline type flow switch is available upto 50 NB line size and above 50 NB Top mounted is recommended. Also, Electronet offered Magnetic Impulsion Paddle/Ven Operated Flow Switch for High Pressure and Temperature process condition. There are no vertical moving parts and is therefore maintenance free. These flow switches can be mounted in horizontal as well as vertical lines

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