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Flow Meters

Electronet Equipments Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer in Pune, India. Electronet's ELMAG series - Electromagnetic flow meter installations have exceeded 10000 numbers at various places in India & across the globe. Electromagnetic flow meters have various applications like Water Distribution, Sewage Water Treatment, Effluent Measurement, Slurry & other Viscous Liquid Measurements. With core research and development engineering skills, we have become one of the best manufacturers of micro-controller based Electromagnetic flow meters and also the best manufacturer of various digital water flow meters, Ultrasonic flow meters, Turbine flow meters and different process measuring instruments.

As an Electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer and exporter in India, we believe in providing timely customer support to ensure product performance, exhaustive user documentation, and NBAL flow calibration services is our recipe for achieving total customer satisfaction.