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UAC - 100

Universal Analytical Controller UAC - 100

Electronet Series UAC - 100 is dual input analyzer with single or dual sensor input. This analyzer supports wide range of measurement choices in industrial applications. It can accept pH / Conductivity / ORP / DO sensor input in any combination.


The high-contrast LCD with back-lit provides live measurement readouts in large digits and shows upto four additional process variables.


Two 4-20 mA current outputs are electrically isolated. Outputs are fully scalable and can be programmed to linear. Output damping can be enabled with time duration from 0 to 50 seconds.

Product Details


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Product Features of Universal Analytical Controller UAC - 100

Single/Dual channel Current Output 4-20mA
Input from pH/ORP/Conductivity/DO Electrode Inbuilt memory for data logging
LCD Display Auto temperature compensation
User friendly menu screens Programmable relays
Software Calibration Easy to install

Applications of Universal Analytical Controller UAC - 100

Refinery Industries
Petrochemical Industries
Oil and Gas Industries
Power Industries
Chemical Industries
Food Processing Industries

Download Universal Analytical Controller UAC - 100 Technical Specification Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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