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Pressure Transmitter ELPRT-100SDP

Electronet series ELPRT-100SDP is a micro-controller based design which has capacitive type pressure sensing element.

It is Suitable for Differential Pressure measurements. ELPRT100SDP is used for various industrial applications. It can be used for Liquid, Gas and Vapor pressure measurements.

It is having wide ranges of pressure with high accuracy and linearity output in the form of electrical signal 4-20 mA DC with HART communication.

Product Details


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Product Features of Pressure Transmitter ELPRT-100SDP

Capacitance Sensor with Diaphragm Two wire system
Non-Intrusive magnetic Controls Range-ability 100:1
128X64 COG with backlit Rigid construction
Separate electronics and connection components Application flexibility with HART communication

Applications of Pressure Transmitter ELPRT-100SDP

GAS Industries
Liquid Industries
Vapor Industries

Download Pressure Transmitter ELPRT-100SDP Technical Specification Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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