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Pressure Switch With Bar-Graph PT-22S

Electronet series PT-22S are electronic gauge pressure switches for fast, easy & trouble free operation.

These switches are designed to cover a majority of industrial applications such as gas, liquid etc. Analog output is 4-20mA & Pressure switch output is 2Amp.

Optocoupler phototriac & a power triac combination is used for switching, Optocoupler phototriac switch acts as an isolated driver and thus enables the driving of power triac by micro-controller. ELMLG-100 is an instrument for indicating the fluid level.


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Product Features of Pressure Switch With Bar-Graph PT-22S

Piezo Resistive Sensor Ingress Protection IP 65
Measuring Range 0.2 to 400 bar 51 segment tri color Bar-Graph
Handy & maintenance free 4 Digit Seven segment Red LED Display
Reliable & cost effective “Push-Button” facility allows user to adjust switch settings, analog scaling

Applications of Pressure Switch With Bar-Graph PT-22S

GAS Industries
Liquid Industries

Download Pressure Switch With Bar-Graph PT-22S Technical Specification Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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