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Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge ELMLG-100

Electronet series Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge ELMLG-100 is an instrument for indicating the fluid level.

It has a magneticfloat inside of the non-magnetic chamber and an indicator outside of it. The indicator indicates the fluid level by means of magnetic force of the magnet installed inside of the float.

The indicator is completely separated from the chamber. The level of liquid and gaseous phases can be distinguished clearly by the Bi-color. Magnetic level indicators are low-maintenance alternatives to sight glasses and other level indicators. They provide non-invasive level indication while reducing leak points and fugitive emissions.


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Product Features of Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge ELMLG-100

Rugged construction to provide safety in handling toxic, flammable & highly corrosive liquid
Range : Max. 3000mm
Level Indication : Bi-color bar LED lamps
Float Chamber MOC : SS304/SS316
Float MOC : SS316/PP / PVDF (for Side mounted)
Vent x Drain : ½” Threaded Plugs/Valves
Max Temp : 70°C ( PP ) / 100°C (PVDF) / 400°C (SS)
Max Test Pressure : 2 Kg/cm² ( PP/PVDF) / 10 Kg/cm² (SS)
Electronic output 4 to 20 mA

Applications of Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge ELMLG-100

Food and Beverages Industries
Water / Wastewater Industries
Chemicals with vapors

Download Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge ELMLG-100 Technical Specification Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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