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Magnetic Float-Level Transmitter LMT-01

Electronet series LMT-01 are magnetic float operated level transmitters. The inbuilt level sensor is consisting of a float & guide tube made of non-magnetic material to achieve undisturbed magnetic flux. The float has magnetic system within it & moves along the guide tube which contains glass encapsulated hermitically sealed reed switches. Float follows level & magnetically actuates reed switches & provides continuous 4 - 20 mA DC output.

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Product Features of Magnetic Float-Level Transmitter LMT-01

2 wire system
Continuous 4-20 mA DC output
Protection class IP-65
Simple, low cost & reliable
Trouble free operation for conductive / non conductive liquids, slurries

Applications of Magnetic Float-Level Transmitter LMT-01

Food and Beverages Industries
Water / Wastewater Industries
Chemicals with vapors

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