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Electronet’s product are designed deploying appropriate technology to deliver reliable and best results for a given application area. Due care is given, not just on the principle of operation, but also on the construction features and ease of handling and maintenance of the equipment. Electronet provides complete solutions for flow measurement applications. Electronet manufactures flowmetering equipments suitable for measuring liquids like water, slurries, hydraulic oils, chemicals, solvents and acids etc.

A variety of micro-controller based Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic field instruments that enables accurate Measurement of the flow for any fluid and slurries in closed conduits across various industries including Sewage & effluent Treatment Plants, Power plants, chemical, fertilizers, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Pulp, Food & Drugs, Water Distribution Networks, Industrial water, Filtration systems, Pump stations and Cooling tower water treatment etc.


Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Two Wire Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter : ASIONIC 100 Ultrasonic Flow Meter : ASIONIC 200 Clamp ON Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter : ASIONIC 200C Battery Operated Ultrasonic Flow Meter : ASIONIC 400 Battery Operated Flow + Pressure + Temperature Ultrasonic Meter : ASIONIC 400U

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Turbine Flow Meter

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