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Flow Indicator Totalisers FL-600

Electronet series FL-600 is micro-controller based Flow Indicator Totaliser designed for various industrial applications.

These can be used for indication and totalisation of flow. The input can be processed lineraly or square rooted. The built-in battery backup is provided for the memory to avoid loss of data in case of power failure. The micro-controller based design provides full flexibility for flow metering applications.

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Product Features of Flow Indicator Totalisers FL-600

Normal / Batch mode for operation Indication through LCD
Programmable low flow cut-off Averaging of inputs for turbulent flow
Input selectable as Linear / Square Root Software calibration
Communication MODBUS RTU

Flow Indicator Totalisers FL-600 can be used by various industries. Some of them are as below:

Chemical, Petrochemical and Process Industries Fertilizer Industries Pharmaceutical Industries
Food and Drug Industries Sugar, Beverage Industries Paper and Pulp Industries
Water and waste water management Dredging Industries Mining Industries

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