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Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter DO-100S

Electronet series DO-100S are dissolved oxygen transmitters used for various industrial applications.

It can accept input from DO electrode the signal is transmitted in the form of electrical 4 - 20 mA signal. The online indication is provided through LCD. Span/Zero adjustments are easily accessible.

Product Details


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Product Features of Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter DO-100S

On-line measurement
2 wire system
4-20 mA DC output
Auto/Manual temperature compensation
Simple operating interface with basic pictographs
Easy installation with pre assembled empty enclosure and plug in terminals
On-Line indication through LCD display
Protection Class IP-65

Applications of Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter DO-100S

Refinery Industries
Petrochemical Industries
Oil and Gas Industries
Power Industries
Chemical Industries
Food Processing Industries

Download Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter DO-100S Technical Specification Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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