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Conductivity Sensor CS-001

Electronet series CS-001 are Conductivity Sensors designed for fast, easy and trouble free start up.

These are ideal for measuring the concentration of dissolved solids in water. They are provided with an accurate pre-determined factory calibration constants. Rugged design and corrosion resistant material keep electrode spacing and surface area constant so cell constant remain stable for long period. Durability of material and high resistance to corrosion ensures the long life and require low maintenance.

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Product Features of Conductivity Sensor CS-001

Measure concentration of dissolved solids in water
System accuracy @ 2% F. S.
Available with 0.01/0.1/1/10 cell constants
Temperature compensation through RTD PT-100 sensor
Flow through assembly in SS 316

Applications of Conductivity Sensor CS-001

Refinery Industries
Petrochemical Industries
Oil and Gas Industries
Power Industries
Chemical Industries
Food Processing Industries

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