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Battery Operated Ultrasonic Level Transmitter - ULT200B

Electronet series ULT-200B is a Battery Operated Ultrasonic Level Transmitters specially designed for non contact type level measurement. Ultrasonic level measurement is based on the time required by ultrasonic pulses to travel from sensor & surface of liquid & back to sensor. Ultrasonic level transmitters are the best for applications such as slurries, corrosive liquids & waste water without obstacle throughout the beam. The transmitter provides local indication through LCD. The measuring range is available from 0.6 to 12mtrs.

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Product Features of Ultrasonic Level Transmitter ULT200B

Non contact type with no moving parts Local Display : LCD Display
Password Protection Compact size & Easy Maintenance
Software Calibration Easy to Install & Configure
Battery Operated Process down time minimized
Narrow Beam Technology Automatic Temperature Compensation
Measures liquid height, distance to liquid, volume or flow in open channels

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter ULT200B can be used by various industries. Some of them are as below:

Chemical, Petrochemical & Process Industries Fertilizer Industries Pharmaceutical Industries
Food and Drug Industries Sugar, Beverage Industries Paper and Pulp Industries
Water and waste water management Dredging Industries Mining Industries

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