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AN - 100

Analytical Indicator Controller : AN 100

Electronet Series AN 100 is analytical Indicator Controller specially designed for various industrial applications. These can be used for monitoring conductivity / pH / ORP / DO of a solution. The measuring range and control points are settable through the keypad on front fascia and control output is available at the rear terminals. Retransmission output, communication port are additive features of AN - 100.


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Silent Features of Analytical Indicator Controller : AN 100

ON/OFF Indicator controller
Single channel
Input from Conductivity Sensor
Software calibration

Applications of Analytical Indicator Controller : AN 100

Refinery Industries
Petrochemical Industries
Oil and Gas Industries
Power Industries
Chemical Industries
Food Processing Industries

Download Analytical Indicator Controller : AN 100 Technical Specification Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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